eSports at GHS

by Levi Houtman

eSports is a form of competition that is brought through video games. Players go head-to-head in team games or sometimes solo matches versus another competitor. eSports takes the form of organized, multiplayer video game competitions. The games that are typically played in eSports vary between a wide range of game genres. Tournaments are held throughout the world and are live streamed on websites and sometimes even TV. eSports brings together gamers throughout the world into something that they all love doing, which is playing video games.

Recently Grandville has adopted an eSports club into the school district. Students introduced the idea of having an eSports club to the high school a few years ago. It was approved and the club has been expanding ever since. Matt Djomoah, who helped create the club and has been a member ever since, was able to answer a few questions about the club.

Q: What is the main reason for why you started an eSports club here in Grandville?

“To bring together people who love video games and provide a competitive yet safe environment to play said video games.”

Q: What is the atmosphere like at an average day here in eSports?

“Funny, joking, and usually pretty competitive when the games start get going.”

Q: What types of games do you play? 

“We play everything from MOBAs, to Fighting Games, to FPS and everything in between.”

Q: What are your hopes for the future of eSports?

“To leave the club in capable hands and to see actually competitive teams go to tournaments. We would like the club to actually go and be an ‘eSports team.’”

Q: How has eSports changed here from the first meeting to the last? 

“It’s definitely changed on a maturity level and the leaders as well as the level of organization.”


The club hopes to be able to expand at a rate in which Grandville teams could be present at tournaments. New students who are interested in joining are encouraged to go to the meetings. They are still able to join later in as the school year progresses.

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