5 best movies to watch in October

by Brandon Matzke and Nevin Hooper

Well, it’s October. Happy Friday the 13th and early Halloween! But, how to celebrate…? Well, we thought it would be fun to look at the best films to watch around this time of year. Since the school has a no-R-rated review policy, we have to exclude classics like John Carpenter’s Halloween or underrated modern films like Trick ‘r Treat. Also, not every film on this list is going to be strictly horror; I know there are somewho don’t like being scared, so we’ll include some options for those who can’t handle a scare. Now, let’s do this!

5. Monster Squad

Rating: PG-13


Review by Brandon Matzke

Sometimes, we need a trip back to the 1980’s. Written by the now-famous Shane Black (writer for films like Lethal Weapon and director of films like Iron Man 3), Monster Squad follows a group of young boys (+1 girl), who are obsessed with horror movies. They can tell you everything about Jason Voorhees, The Wolfman, etc. But when Dracula raises an army of monsters in an attempt to destroy the world, it’s up to them to save everyone. Is this a great movie? No, not even close. But it’s a purely entertaining one. If you are a fan of classic monster movies, 80’s tropes, or anything written by Shane Black, this movie is for you. 8/10.

4. The Ring
Rating: PG-13

Review by Brandon Matzke

Without a doubt the most frightening film on the list (I was almost afraid to touch a VHS again after watching this), The Ring is an American remake of the Japanese horror series known as Ringu. After watching a cursed videotape, Rachel Keller (played by Nicole Kidman) tries to uncover the mysteries behind it, and why and how it kills anyone who sees it seven days after their first viewing. I’m not the biggest fan of this movie, but I can see why people like it; the visuals are creepy and unsettling, the acting is actually pretty decent for a horror movie, and the ending left questions unanswered in the best way. The Ring gets a 8/10. Now, if only the sequels were any good…

3. Young Frankenstein
Rating: PG

Review by Nevin Hooper

Who doesn’t love a comedy? I mean, when it is done well, of course. And who better to create a hilarious parody of the classic story of Frankenstein than Mel Brooks? Young Frankenstein tells the story of acclaimed neurosurgeon, Dr. Frederick Frankenstein (or as he likes it to be pronoucnced “Fronkenshteen”), played excellently by the one and only, Gene Wilder (rest in peace). He gets a letter saying that his grandfather (Baron Victor von Frankenstein) has died and left him his castle in Transylvania in his will. Along the way, Frederick brings back another monster (played by Peter Boyle) that starts to terrorize the town and comedy ensues. With brilliant black and white cinematography, a hilarious screenplay, well thought out characters, great performances, fantastic direction, and a really memorable musical score, I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good time. It’s also just a fun parody to watch around Halloween, so I have to give it an 11/10.

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas
Rating: PG

Review by Brandon Matzke

Surprisingly, Nevin does not like this movie. Like, at all. But I adore this film. For one, I find it to be beautifully unique. I mean, it’s not everyday you see a movie where individual holidays have their own worlds. But it also has great animation, some brilliant music by the talented Danny Elfman, and a sweet and simple plot based on a poem written by Tim Burton. So, before you rant about seeing Jack Skellington at every Hot Topic (I mean, what is it with this film and Hot Topic?!), give the film a shot. You might be humming “This is Halloween” before you know it. 11/10.

1. Ghostbusters (1984)
Rating: PG

Review by Brandon Matzke

The film I’ve watched every Halloween night since I was eight years old, Ghostbusters is pure nostalgia. Using a perfect cast with comedy legends like Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, and Dan Aykroyd, and a great script by Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd, this film has been certified as a classic. I’d explain the plot, but basically everyone has heard it. So, I’ll just go into the positives (other than the talented cast and writers). The monster effects still hold up (impressive considering that Tron (1982) was considered a visual masterpiece around this time), the characters are unique and fun, and the 2016 remake couldn’t even capture the magic of this film. This film is the true definition of lightning in a bottle, and gets a 11/10.

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