Philo, seniors talk new graduation gowns

by Alyssa Potyraj

Grandville High School has decided to mix up the tradition of white gowns for girls and and maroon gowns for guys to all the same gown for everyone.

There has been research about switching to all one gown. Principle Philo talked with multiple high schools and colleges who all have single color gowns. The other schools that have recently changed, such as Holland last year, have enjoyed the change and said it was one of the best decisions they have made.

Principle Philo said one of the main reasons that we switched was to “unify the school all as bulldogs.”

This new change has brought up some dispute amongst the senior class. Senior Julia Veenkamp thought that the only reason Grandville switched to the new gowns was because they were “less expensive and uglier” but she does like that the girls don’t have to wear white anymore because “everyone knows Grandville as maroon not white.”

Principle Philo realized that this change would create controversy among the senior class but he is confident that the “new tradition of unity outweighs the students not liking it.”

Many students don’t know that administration talked with former students about the change, and many thought it would be a good idea. Many female students have had difficulty finding a white dress or are unable to purchase a new dress due to financial circumstances. Although some students may still wear a white dress, this change would remove the burden because it would not be necessary because the gown is not at all see-through.

The new gown hangs in Principal Philo’s office. Any student who wants to take a closer look is welcome to stop in.


The new gowns are a thicker, high quality fabric making it nearly impossible to see through the white stripes. When choosing the new gowns, administration brought in students from student council to help make an informed decision. Even though they took input of what students had to say, the decision of one color gowns was already made up.

Isabella Moayer stated “I always envisioned myself graduating in a white gown”.

Two separate gowns has been the tradition for a long time, and many students are still uncertain about the new unified gown.

Not every student dislikes the new gown idea. Noah Elders said “I could care less, it’s like that in college.”

Tradition changes are often rough at first and it takes time to accept and embrace change.

Principle Philo ensures, “I am confident it is the right decision long term.”

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