Grandville hockey busy at work in the weight room

by Pat Clark

Grandville hockey has been a strong team in the past couple of seasons with trips to the final “frozen” four in the state tournament the past four years.  Hard work and dedication in the off-season can be attributed to the bulldogs success.

“It gives a chance to compete better when we go down and play teams from east side,” defensemen Hunter Dood said. “Especially the Detroit area teams.”

The hockey team has workouts five days a week during the summer and during the fall.  They also train regularly during the season to keep their body in tip top shape. The bulldogs training regime includes lifting weights, conditioning and four-man groups on the ice.  Although not required to go, most hockey players feel obligated in order to keep the success going.  

Senior forward Shane Haggerty praised workouts saying they are “definitely getting me stronger…I feel the most benefit on the ice in that my skating has improved.”

Dood and Haggerty agreed if they hadn’t gone to workouts they wouldn’t be in the physical condition they are in today.  The Grandville hockey team hopes to have another postseason run this year in hopes that all of their training has paid off. 


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