Get your gear from the Dog Den

by Abby Mcdowell

The Dog Den has everything you need from athletic gear to mouse pads. Here is your go-to guide with prices and information on a few featured items.

Dawgs Football T-shirt: This shirt would be awesome for football games, it shows support for the team and is very fashionable. Price: $25.00
Frozen Yogurt from Orange Leaf: Frozen yogurt is sold during all 3 lunches and is a great treat to have during the day. Price: $2.50
Grandville Winter Coat: The black winter coat is perfect for outdoor games in the fall and wearing in the cold in the winter. Price: $54.00
Sport Team Car Stickers: These stickers would be awesome to have on the back of your car to let people know what you enjoy playing or watching at GHS. Price: $2.00
White GHS Tank Top: This tank top is fashionable and can help you show some school spirit. Price: $21.00
Grandville Sports shorts: These shorts would be great to go for a run in and workout or even to wear around the house. Price: $23.99
GHS Mouse Pads: These affordable mouse pads would be great to use at your computer while showing school spirit. Price: $2.00
Winter Hats: These hats would be great to have for any outdoor games or any outdoor activities. Price: $32.00
Gray Grandville Joggers: Gray pants with a small G on one of the legs are great for regular day comfy wear. Price: $25.00


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