Homecoming on the Mind

Students share their thoughts on the first day of homecoming week.


“I’m excited but I need a date.”

-TJ Barnes 


“I’m really excited but don’t want to miss the MSU vs U of M game.”

-Lance Adiolf


“I’m most excited about the football game, I normally have to work on Fridays so the homecoming game is the best to have off.”

-Hannah Lyons


“My favorite spirit day is college day- being a senior is cool to see where everyone is going to go.” 

– Emily Podsiadlik


“Being on homecoming court sort of makes me have to have some sort of appreciation for it.”

-Luke Johnson


“I’m exited for hanging out with all my friends and being able to have a good night.”

-Camria Deaton


“The whole town comes to the game and homecoming really brings together the community even if you don’t go to the high school.”

-Colton TerBeek 

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