GHS student adopts rescued dog after Irma

Franklin is a Labrador puppy who was abandoned after Hurricane Irma. He was found at a gas station severely hurt, dirty and afraid. Franklin’s new mom heard him crying at the gas station and could tell something was wrong. Franklin had been abused earlier in his life.


After testing, the results showed he had a broken back. He needs $8,000 for medical expenses and his surgery.

This little pup’s one dream is to be able to walk and he works on it every day and is slowly getting better. Franklin has repeated visits at the vet and he’s getting better everyday.

Franklin has a go fund me page on Instagram @franklinthesurvivor and a twitter @savefranklin where you can check up on this pup to see how he’s doing and how much money he’s raised. You can also donate yourself.

To donate to Franklin click here. 


Sophomore Brendan Sidock also adopted a dog who was found alongside the road right before Hurricane Irma hit southern Alabama. A bunch of dogs were sent on a bus to Muskegon at the airport. Brendan and his family were helping out when the bus brought the dogs to the next animal shelter. That’s when they met Louralie- a Great Dane, Hound, and Lab mix. They instantly grew a bond with her (pictured right).

“Me and my dad couldn’t let her go, so we adopted her,” Brendan said.

Louralie loves her new home, and Brendan and his family are more than thankful to have Louralie in their lives now.

After hearing the story, junior Josh Fontaine said, “That’s so heartbreaking. I love dogs so much.”


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