Hurricane Irma impacts GHS student

by Alyssa Potyraj

Hurricane Irma blazed across Florida from August 30 through September 12. The storm ranged in severity with the most damage hitting the southern most tip of Florida, including the Florida Keys. The storm reached the inner coasts of Florida with heavy rain reaching Orlando.

Senior Emily Anglim has relatives who live in Naples Florida who have fled to Atlanta in order to escape the bad weather. Their damages consist of floods, no power days later, and downed trees. The family has only seen the damage to their house through pictures their neighbors sent them. The pictures of the damage follow.

The devastation included downed power lines, down trees, flooding, and roofs torn off. The hurricane was ranked a category 2 with winds of 105 mph. As people were informed to evacuate, highways heading north were backed up for miles on end resulting in a gas shortage days before the hurricane hit.

Senior Maddie VanOveren expected gas prices to skyrocket in Michigan when hurricane Irma hit Florida, but the effects of the hurricane had little lasting impact on gas prices. They are now back down to the normal prices before the storm. Maddie is happy that the prices didn’t increase as expected and are back down to normal.




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