Varsity football captains give season expectations

On the loss vs. Warren De La Salle: “This game impacts our season because we are able to adjust our offense and defense so early on in the season.”
On the loss vs. Warren De La Salle: “Our home opener was disappointing but allows our team to figure out an efficient way to beat our upcoming opponents.”

Photographs by Brooke Martin

Story by Lizzy Pena

Last year the GHS football team was the best they have been in years. So the question is will this year’s team be just as good? Will they be better? This season has already brought some wins and one loss as well as a broken leg and jaw.

Captain Blake Vredevoogd says this year they plan to be better than last.

“Leadership definitely is playing a key part in that potential success and that comes in the form of us as captains as well as the seniors who have more experience on the Varsity level.”

Keaton Hamilton, another captain claims “The seniors, especially captains, have stepped up to show this talented junior class the ropes of varsity football.”

They also mentioned Tully Chapman, the weight training coach, has pushed them to new levels and that he has been unbelievably helpful. They plan to only improve.

Moving backwards is not an option.

The training has been the hardest it’s been ever but it’s also helped more than ever. This season still has a long way to go and according to captain Kyle Nyebor. He said “we should win the state championship.”

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