JV Football Team Success Story

by Kenny Champion

JV football took a surprising and close win over Warren De La Salle August 30.

De La Salle is a private school with kids from all over the state, unlike Grandville were more than 75% of students went to middle school in Grandville.

Players share their insight on the win.

What were some things you guys did to create success up front?

“We made sure we were tight on the mid-line. We made sure that we were butt to butt on double teams.”

Sophomore Jordan Johnson

“Honestly we just just played physical. We made sure we got to every tackle through the whistle.”

Sophomore Mike Shalhoup 

“We needed to be fast because the more guys that get to a tackle, the better.”

Sophomore Marquice Fields 


What did you guys have to prepare for specifically in practice?

“Our running backs had to really focus on carrying out our fakes and keeping the ball layered to prevent being stripped.”

Sophomore Jordan Johnson

“Their quarterback. We knew he had an arm but he also could make a cut up field in a split second.”

Sophomore Mike Shalhoup

“Us D linemen had to practice getting hand on and getting off blocks.”

Sophomore Marquice Fields


What were your thoughts going into the game?

“We knew they were gonna be big and physical which they were, but we just had to stay focused on reading our keys and play hard, play fast, play physical.”

Sophomore Jordan Johnson

“Winning. I just wanted to win no matter what.”

Sophomore Mike Shalhoup


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