Faces of hope and defeat

The student section shows worry in the varsity home opener against De La Salle August 31, 2017.

by Madison Osterink

ASF picture 1
Senior Alanna Palasek makes a face of frustration as the varsity football team holds a losing score to De La Salle. She hoped the bulldogs would get a touchdown and pull into the lead.

ASF picture 2
Senior Lexi Veltema shows how happy she is to be with friends and watch the football team switch players and push to get a touchdown.

ASF picture 4
The varsity cheer team and the Dawg Boys chant “I believe that we will” while getting the crowd and student section fired up for the game and to help cheer on the Bulldogs as they try to stop De La Salle.

ASF picture 3
Senior Hunter Tomaszewski and his friend Grace Griffeth get to their seats as they hope the Bulldogs will win the big game. They were very disappointed when they heard how cold it was going to be.

ASF picture 5
Pictured is the student section and Grandville High Principal John Philo as they sit to watch the Grandville Marching Band perform the halftime show.

ASF picture 6
The marching band and color guard perform the halftime show. They put together an intense show and performed with high energy and great music and marching style.

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