Sustainable living- save the environment, your money, your health

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by Jess Wolfe, Sophie Kaminski, Morgan Corey, Lindsey Kamppinen, Emily Podsiadlik, Hannah Garrison, Bryce Gable, Josh Lawrence, and Christian Lubbers

“From my home alone I have prevented 118.9 pounds of food waste from going into a landfill,” Carolyn Peterson said.

It positively impacts the environment. There is no need for worms. It saves you money. You can improve your health. It’s easy and convenient.

“I thought it could be very sustainable and more of a long-term project.”

Carolyn Peterson took on home composting as a method for solving an environmental issue after being inspired by an independent research project in her Environmental Science Class. Continue reading →

All MCU movies so far, ranked

by Brandon Matzke

Well, one of the biggest films of the century is coming out this week. So of course I’ve got to talk about it! Ever since 2008’s Iron Man, Marvel Studios has been hitting it big time and time again with their innovative “MCU”. And since their supposed magnum opus Avengers: Infinity War is coming out soon, I thought I’d look at all their films leading up to this one, ranked from worst to best. Keep in mind, Continue reading →

Student practices passion for animals at John Ball Zoo

by Lindsey Kamppinen

When you think of student jobs you most likely think of retail or food industry, the basics. Not everyone at GHS flips patties or folds clothes.

The John Ball Zoo is the place to make great summer childhood memories. Aubrie Scott volunteers at the John Ball Zoo, she’s part of the teen program in the summer months. She volunteers with no payment at all.


“I absolutely love animals,” Scott said. “They’ve always been something I’m passionate about.”

Being passionate about what your volunteering for makes it easy for the hard work and early mornings. Aubrie gets there at 8:30 a.m. to either Continue reading →

Students seek solution to tree removal

by Maddie Osterink, Jake Fontaine, Justin Irish, Shane Armstrong, Simone Krabbe, Becca Larsen, Jake Pommer, Ethan Rycenga, and Emily Sarjeant

In the Spring of 2017, an executive decision was made to remove a total of 12 trees–six from the front entrance and six from the back entrance–from Grandville High School.


“The main reason [for the removal of the trees] was due to their height and how close they were planted to the school,” revealed John Philo, Grandville High School’s principal. “They were getting too big, some of the branches were even brushing against the school.”

Philo also explained danger of the trees.

“If a windstorm were to come and knock over the trees, they were so close to the school that they could easily hit it,” said Philo. “And they were so large that they could cause serious damage–being hazardous to the school and all those inside.”

Other reasons the trees needed to be removed include: Continue reading →

Do you get enough sleep to perform at your best?

by Pat Clark

Whether it be working out, playing in athletic events, or sitting in a desk for 8 hours at school, one things is for sure: sleep is important. The amount of sleep you get dramatically affects your day performance, or does it?

Why do most experts say sleep is important to perform at your best? Well according to the national sleep foundation during the day when you exercise it depletes energy fluids and break down muscles. What most people do to recover is hydration and eating right. Sleep is way under looked.  According to the National Sleep Foundation, deprivation increases the chances of fatigue, low energy and poor focus at gametime.   The National Sleep Foundation also has recommended amount of sleep based on your age. 


I asked students and athletes whether they thought it affected them and coaches to see if they could see a difference. Then science has its own opinions but does that apply to everyone. According to Sophomore Blake Davis it does.

“From personal experience when I don’t get enough sleep I can’t function right especially during any athletic event,” Davis said. “I have less energy.”

Another study from said that basketball players who get an extra 2 hours of sleep before game day have increased speed of 5% and their accuracy by 9% which can dramatically affect how the play during the game.

But for some, sleep doesn’t seem to affect their game. Just ask senior hockey player Erik Sitar.

“Normally I don’t get a lot of sleep and I think my body has just adapted to it,’ Sitar said. “’cause I feel like I always have plenty of energy during games and practice.”

If you have trouble sleeping the night before a big game try taking a nap before the game. According to a Stanford Medicine article,  “everyone in the league office knows not to call players at 3 p.m…It’s the player nap.” 

Want some more tips from pros? 



50th Anniversary Review of 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

by Nevin Hooper

Over Spring Break on the certain date of April 3rd was the 50th anniversary of by far one of the greatest films in cinematic history. This is master Stanley Kubrick’s greatest achievement, only surpassed by The Shining (that’s just my opinion though, because The Shining is another cinematic masterpiece). This film is one of the most- if not the most- Continue reading →